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Mini Studio
Versatile and powerful, the Idolian mini studio is the ideal portable solution for today’s busy professional who is constantly on the go.
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23 Reviews

LCD Size



IPS 1024x768




CPU Brand



1.6 GHz

Core Model

A9 Dual-Core




8GB/16GB/up to 32GB


Android 4.1 OS








3G Dongle Support



Front Cam


Rear Cam








HD Player




Micro USB






Micro SD


DC Jack



Li-ion Polymer





Customer Rating
based on 23 reviews
Customer Review
I love Mini Studio! This is awesome! Let me tell you why!
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
By Amazon customer Srinivas Reddy
1. Love how thin and light this is
2. Metal casing is very solid and great quality
3. Screen resolution seems to be better than Ipad mini even though the spec seems to be the same
4. Google Play store, no problem downloading any apps.- Hard time finding it though.
5. PRICE??? Of course!
6. Battery life.- lasted more than 7 hours
7. Bluetooth
8. Very fast. I think a lot faster than IPad Mini
At this price and this performance, I don't have any issue at all!!!
Highly recommended!!!
Idolian Mini Studio
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
By jeffw79 AMAZON customer,
I really like this tablet a lot. I also have an Archos 80 G9 Turbo ICS. I have had my Archos for about 9 months and I like it a lot. So far I like the Mini Studio just as much, if not more! It has everything I was looking for. It has all the same things that the 80 G9 has. Plus it's lighter, thinner, has a better screen, and it's faster. I have nothing bad to say about it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable tablet that has it all.
Updated Review! Actually, pretty good!
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
By Bold 4 Christ Amazon customer, 
I hadnt been more excited for anything, like I was for this tablet to arrive.

I did a ton of research on 8" tablets before going with this one. I once owned a Galaxy Tab 7 plus, which was stolen, so I figured I'd get something different, and a little bigger.

- First of all, the size is perfect. Sturdy build, very thin and easy to hold.
- The responsiveness of the touch screen is fantastic, and it is very fast!

This product was being compared to the Ipad mini, on their website: [...]
...and the specs suggest a slightly better tablet, in many aspects.

I had an issue with the battery draining extremely fast, when I first started using it. I would charge it, and it would drain about 10% in 15mins! However, after I allowed it to charge completely overnight, it was fine. I actually got a good 4 1/2hrs, while online & playing games the entire time! Very good.

The Auto-brightness doesnt work. You have to adjust it yourself, even though the option is there.
For some reason I cant get my facebook calendar synced to any calendar apps.
Also, you cant charge through its usb port. You can only use the charger.

Overall solid build, great battery life, fast & very responsive; but there are some minor setbacks in some of its functionality.

UPDATE 1/23/13

So after checking out all of the specs a little more closely, I realized that this tablet lacks gps, auto-brightness, and vibration; along with the ipad mini. So, you could say that the Idolian mini-Studio is the Ipad mini of Android (except for the cameras).

Final verdict: Excellent device, for almost half the price of the ipad mini.
Great tablet, Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
Don't waste money on a more expensive tablet this one is super for the price and some the quality of the shell and screen are great not cheap plastic very sensitive 10 point screen not 5 point like most very clear picture very fast processor very fast start up and auto shut down loud sound and works great with plugin keyboard and mouse or on screen is just as good A+++++ would recommend to anyone thinking of spending more on an Ipad or Galaxy
Love it!!!! Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
    Love this tablet. Bought three of them and they are worth the price! I'd skip an IPad for this tablet any day
So far very nice! UPDATED, Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
UPDATE April 22 2013: Battery life is one of the things where iPad has a HUGE edge over Android tablets. The Idolian 8" performs decently but I am finding myself charging it every one and a half days with average use - left it sitting over the weekend at about 50% and it was dead by Monday with no usage. The iPad4 I have hasn't needed a charge for over a week with roughly the same amount of usage - the iPad is still at 51% charge! I'm not pushing iPads but the battery life isn't even in the same realm of comparison. Regardless, this Idolian is still very usable as long as it keeps running a whole day before needing a charge. I would still say the Idolian is a decent value for under $180.

I have two other Android tablets, personally, and an iPad4 Retina supplied by my job.

This 8" tablet is light, fast, and a pleasure to use. The resolution is decent at 1024x768. Not as crisp as a full 9.7" iPad Retina but similar to the iPad Mini display.

It was easy setting it up and getting it connected to my WiFi at work and home. I loaded Dolphin browser and it is surfing websites very quickly.

My other tablets are single-core processors and are just barely passable for performance. On this Idolian, the dual-core CPU makes most functions happen in under a second. Loading apps or browsing websites.

The display screen looks very good at most viewing angles. This is another step up from the other Android tablets I have. They aren't as good looking in portrait mode when compared to landscape.

The only issue I'm having is finding a good PDF viewer to handle CAD drawings that are saved as PDFs. They load fine on Reader for Apple iOS but Adobe Reader for Android chokes. Not the tablet's fault but something to consider.

I am using the touchscreen with the plastic screen guard that it came with - I was almost going to peel it off but then I thought I'd just leave it - other people pay for plastic screen protectors. Every once in a while, it seems to not register a tap but I've found that with other screen protectors on iPads and iPhones.

I haven't tested the Bluetooth yet and the battery life seems to be good. I haven't had it through a complete usage cycle but after several hours of usage, it's down to 64%.

The only other thing I would suggest considering is the availability of accessories or lack thereof. I can only find one case listed for this device. That's where Apple rules by having so many companies making all sorts of accessories for their products - plenty to choose from.
A lot of bang for the Buck, Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
3 days in .. works great NO issues at all.. screen bright, touch screen functions well, good wireless connectivity.. netflix works fine, google store works fine.. I like android 4.1... It is and does what it's advertised to issues..

5 stars given based on what I paid ... Would I get it five stars if I'd paid $500.00??

Probably 4... But at $148.00.. it's a no brainer...
Idolian Mini-Studio Functions Fine, Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
 I am new to tablets and only have experience with this model. It took me some time to learn to navigate through the software. Was able to wi-fi it to my router and it does great. Google Maps using the router wi-fi is amazing!

Found the camera to take great pictures as long as you keep the tablet still and the subject is still. The camera settings allow for you to choose a setting for the exposure conditions and to select the "white balance". Selections for "white balance" are: cloudy, fluorescent, daylight, incandescent, & auto.

I think this is a good tablet for me because it is fast, has a lot of ram, and has the jellybean OS. It appears that the Idolian brand is well supported here in the United States and that means a lot nowadays.
Idolian vs nexus 7, Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
Can't believe the quality of this item. I bought a nexus 7 for my son and even though the nexus 7 is an excellant product I would say the mini-studio is much better. Seems a bit faster than the Nexus 7. The screen size is perfect just a little bigger than the nexus 7 but seems much bigger. Also the mini has expandable memory slot. Not to mention the price $159.00 is a steal. Awesome product!
Made a good choice... so it seems
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
I have only had my unit for 3 days but so far I love it. This unit is fast, easy to use, light, great screen and good sound, Bluetooth works, and charge is about 5 hrs. Not feeling short changed in any way. Did alot of shppping around before purchase. Cannot speak to longevity as on had it a short time.
"Excellect product.." Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
This product is excellent,work in PU leather case keyboard. The tablet is dorable,it is metal case. Works in everything that I really wanted.,skype is excellent,yahoo video call is excellent..word excel for office works very well ,you can directly email it. I read some reviews about the appstore on this tablet,,to be honest is tablet have a Google app or play store or appstore,you name it. If you don't know how go to youtube search it they have tutorial about how to use the tablet.
For Amazon this is the quality of product they need to sell..5+ for the excellency.
"Super!" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
This was my first android. Why pay the big price for an ipad? I chose the mid size 8 inches, and the specs looked good, and the price of 158.00 I considered very reasonable. It worked fine for a couple of weeks but then got hung up. The Idolian people said to send it back for refund to Amazon which i did. Then I immediately ordered another Idolian just like the first one. Good old Amazon got it to me in one day, and I even got it a bit cheaper, 151.00 with free fast shipping on Amazon prime. By the way, within a week Amazon had refunded my first purchase. Great service!
"skeptical at first" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
I received my mini studio four days ago. Shortly after ordering and having time to reflect my decision I started thiking i should had just spent the extra money and purchased an iPad mini.05-15-2013 Well its here and here's my honest opinion thus far. Everything works as advertised. I even added a 32 GB card. I will continue the review in a few weeks.
"Even at today's price, well worth the money" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
This does absolutely everything I ask it to, especially since I discovered the trick to unlock GooglePlay on it. The screen pops with clarity, the colors are beautifully saturated, the processor is really fast, it is light and thin (remember what they say about, "you can never be too thin...") I tried the HDMI output, and the only beef I have is that the picture is not 16:9 when you run it at 1080P. Maybe I just don't have the hang of it yet, or maybe a new manual with a fix is on the way... If you are considering this one, GO FOR IT!
"awesome" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
If you are looking for a tablet that has it a price that you can afford...then this is it. This tablet is all I expected and more. Its super fast, super amazing display and very responsive. Ive had it almost a week now...installed every app I need with no trouble at all and not one problem running them. The games are super responsive and the graphics are beautiful. I bought this to keep in touch with family in the US while I visit my family in New Zealand. I have already tested the skype and it works brilliantly ......I will say that I am going to add speakers as it is a little hard to hear...but the pic quality is crystal clear.
I hope to buy another for my husband as soon as I can.
My tablet worked without a hint of trouble for the first month of use...then it froze at start up...and I couldn't get it past the android screen....with the help of my husband guiding me through resets.... we managed to get it to work just long enough to get home from my trip. At first I wondered if I had damaged it with the direct current power that I was connecting into...but I had a approved power convertor .... checked by an electrician...then after reading other reviews I could see it was a common fault.
Unlike others that are commenting....I had wonderful service from Idolian ...prompt replies to my emails...they paid the shipping to have the tablet returned to them...and replaced it with a brand new one....
I now have my new tablet up and running..and three days in its looking good ....apps and emails and kindle reader installed and hopefully this one will be a gem. I will update with my progress...
"Great for the price runs without a hitch good price" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
was very suprised but went by other reviews and im happy i did, setup was a snap 16gb built in. hd video 2 camera's can't ask for anything else.
"Nice little tablet" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
I had been doing most of my web browsing, game playing, and e-book reading on my little HTC My Touch 4G Slide phone because it was more convenient than pulling out the laptop and trying to contend with a laptop on my lap and my dogs wanting to sit on my lap. Needless to say, the tiny screen on the phone gets old fast. I was looking for an inexpensive tablet that was bigger than the phone, but still easy to hold with a Labrador on my lap. This tablet is the answer. I was a little leery due to the fact that I never heard of Idolian, and there were a few negative reviews, but I have to say this tablet is exactly what I needed. I am very happy with it and would recommend it for anyone who wants a portable, Labrador-friendly tablet to surf the web, update Facebook and read e-books.
"Idolian Mini-Studio" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
This is my first tablet and couldn't be happier. I've only had it a week, but have had no problems. Reviewed a lot of tablets before choosing the Idolian Mini-studio, and very glad I did. You can't beat the price for such a nice product. Would recommend this for anyone.
"Great buy" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
Unit looks and feels very good and performance meets all expectations. I like the feel of the aluminum back plate and edge to edge glass. touch screen is responsive and the image is very good.
"Here's what I think about this tablet" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
Just letting folks know that my Droid is still going strong and have still had no issues.

***Original review***
I was looking for a cheaper, but not so cheap that it wouldn't work, tablet. I found a great one. I've only had it 5 days, but it's been really great so far. First of all, there has been no problems with it. It functions flawlessly! I must note that on a tablet, the wireless is God. No wireless and the tablet is useless! So much to my relief, it not only doesn't drop connection (Has not dropped it even once!), but it's really speedy. Faster than my Windows PCs wireless.

Wireless:As I said, the wireless works great and had no problem with my high security hidden network.

Display, the display is a standard VGA 1024x768 (or 800, forget which) but it's really clear. It will play your HD videos just fine and they look really good. Screen measures with a tape measure: 7 7/8" diagonal.

Audio port works fine and sound is as good in headphones as a normal PC soundcard. The speaker is surprisingly good. Sure it's tinny, but at that size, you're not going to get hi fi sound. But the range was good, and it was clear.

USB works just fine with a flash stick, and you can hook it up to your computer and xfer files that way. But you don't need to because you can also download the ES file explorer and map you host computer and map your data drives that way. Xfers are nice and fast even on that wireless.

Like a few other folk have said, it has the Google play, but you have to enable it in the settings. Once you do, downloads are easy as pie.

As a techie type, I also installed a terminal / command editor so I could play around with the OS, which is a heavily modified Linux Kernel. Fun times to be had.

If I had to list a con, it would be the buttons are kind of hard to feel for on the sides. This makes it look (and act) in any of the 4 directions (upside up / down / sideways), but not so easy to hunt down that power button to put it to sleep. The Droid task-bar is a little weird to get used to also, when you're used to XP, Win 7, and the lack of one in IOS, but that's not the tablets fault.

So basically as long as it doesn't fail on me prematurely, which is one thing that really can't be rated until it's way too late to rate the product, I think it's a great deal, and every bit as good as an IPOD, with the user versatility of Droid. If you're a serious computer Noob, you might want to think twice as it requires more effort to figure out than an IPOD, but if you can figure out how to operate it, which isn't THAT hard, than it will be a much more enriching experience.
"I'm in love with this tablet!"
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
I havent had it long so gave it 4 stars for now. It is so thin, and the picture is really crisp and clear. It picked up my wifi immediately and I have no probs connecting. I love this thing. It has done everything seamlessly so far and I am impressed. The price is out of this world. Now, if only it could make coffee! =-)
"Not tooo Shabby sir" Amazon Customer Return
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
So as you may know the specs, not bad right? Well, you have to download Google Play from the browser it comes with, which isn't too bad if you are computer savvy. As for the rest of you, just go to a forum &dwnload Google Play & start dwnloadn' apps. So here are some things I found troubling:

-The browser isn't too bad, but I'd recommend getting chrome or mozilla firefox app..
Whenever there is a flash player that you want played the tablet drops the prgm.

-The HDMI input is fragile, I would recommend only using it when your tablet can be static.

-The USB does not support SSD (of the large variety). I am still looking for a driver to support.

-The Cameras suck, if your outside on a sunny time to use it. (I hardly use the camera, just thought it was an extra cool feature, which is exactly what it is..)

-If you are running Netflix app, the titles do not load after scrolling (could be wifi interference).

Thats pretty much it, as far as touch capacity of 10, not sure on that, but the interface is fairly smooth. For the price and the specs, I would recommend this tablet for a friend. It is the best you can get under $200. The video quality is great, but you should definitely get some headphones b/c the speaker isn't the best, but ehh...
"Almost a 5" Amazon Customer Review
on 05/30/2013 by Anonymous
It's quite a good tablet for the price, the only real problem is that it does not include google app market so downloading additional apps requires downloading them on a regular computer then moving the .apk file to the tablet manually. You can, however, get the appmarket and install it- which you will get no instructions on doing.

Versatile and powerful, the Idolian mini studio is the ideal portable solution for today’s busy professional who is constantly on the go. With the ever-expanding reach of the global economy, the business world has grown to include global clients, while the traditional office has given way to a roving, increasingly mobile work environment. The Idolian mini studio is sleek and lightweight and comes with a high resolution 8” screen that gives you the internet connectivity you need to stay connected to both your work and social life, wherever you may be.

With an integrated dual-core processor, the mini studio is powerful and reliable, allowing you to work on your projects, generate reports, and communicate with clients regardless of where you are. Work from home or check in with the office while you are away – with the Idolian mini studio you are never more than a mouse click away from you professional and personal life.

Despite its convenient size, the Idolian mini studio is a powerful professional tool. With an 8GB hard drive that is expandable up to 32GB, the mini studio is eminently capable of securely storing your important files, whether they are project reports for work, or the home movies you took at your child’s birthday party. The Idolian mini studio also allows you to enjoy high quality, uninterrupted HD video calls with anyone, and is ideal for client discussions and family conversations.

The mini studio incorporates two cameras, front and rear, that allow you to capture every exciting and memorable moment in your life. Take pictures or home movies and share them with your family and friends. The mini studio allows you to easily connect with all your favorite social networking sites, ensuring that you stay connected to the people who are most important to you, even if you are halfway across the world.

When you need to relax or take a break with your favorite jewel-smashing game or a quick round of Diner Dash, the mini studio is the perfect solution. With its fast and reliable internet connectivity, the Idolian mini studio gives you access to a plethora of free and premier GooglePlay games and apps, as well as the capability to stream your favorite shows and movies through sites such as Netflix and YouTube. Any parent knows how to difficult it is to keep children occupied during long car rides or the increasingly interminable waits we all face in airport lounges. Simply turn on your mini studio and in a few moments, your child will be happily amused with an exciting video game or the latest episode of her favorite cartoon.  

With a long battery life of seven hours, the Idolian mini studio guarantees you many uninterrupted hours of work and fun. Use the HDMI slot on your mini studio to connect your device to your big screen TV and play your movie files or stream shows directly from the internet for an integrated home theatre system.
Whatever your needs, whether work or play, the Idolian mini studio is the ideal choice for you. Get your mini studio today and get started on a life of unbeatable connectivity and freedom.

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