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The Idolian studio office is the ideal solution for the busy individual on the go. The convenient key case allows you to easily slot your tablet into the keyboard, giving you the ability to work wherever you are, whenever you want!
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LCD Size



IPS 1280x800




CPU Brand




Core Model

A9 Dual-Core




16GB/up to 32GB


Android 4.1 OS








3G Dongle




Front Cam


Rear Cam








HD Player




Micro USB






Micro SD


DC Jack



Li-ion Polymer









Customer Rating
based on 22 reviews
Customer Review
on 12/26/2012 by Karenlm827
So far it's a very good tablet. I purchased it as a Christmas present for my granddaughter. I wanted something big but not as pricey as the iPad. I'm glad I took a chance to try it out!
Amazing tablet! ipad 2 & 3 vs Idolian Studio 10
on 12/26/2012 by Anonymous
Let me cut right the chase. I'm picky and very critical about electronic devices. I build my own PC's for gaming and occasionally do reviews for on pads, pc's and electrical gadgets.

I have no bias for Android or OSX, Mac, Windows or anything else, I could care less and use both for what ever it is I'm working on. As I feel both have their benefits and downfalls.

I Currently Have the ipad 2 & 3 ( 2 purchased, 3 was gifted). So why did I purchase this? I wanted a pad to take with me to work frankly And the ipads had limitations, particularly being that they didn't have USB or microSD, plus the Ipad 3 is noticeably heavier than this and makes holding it for long periods of time a workout on its own..and also at a price of 600 bucks, I didn't want to risk damage or theft. It's the cheapest pad and at nearly 300 bucks, I initially regretted my order, but figured If I didn't like it or it stopped working I can return.

After much research, I opted on purchasing the Studio rather than going for a Samsung or Toshiba. Because after all, on paper the STUDIO 10 should perform as good as the Toshiba Thrive and possibly be on the same level as other "name brand" 2 processor tablets. I was honestly going to purchase a thrive.

First Impression physical;

I don't know why Idolian doesn't have pictures that do the pad justice. But they don't.

Compared to Ipad 2, It felt somewhat lighter, definitely thinner and more streamlined. But the View on Idolian was better because the screen was a bit bigger minus the large space between were the screen ends and the side of the products as in the Ipad.

Compared to ipad 2, it was brighter and offered sharper pictures, BUT not not sharp as the ipad 3. Same brightness and the difference in picture quality isn't really noticiable. Very easy to hold and use. I found it easier to hold and use than any of the iPads

The Idolian is made from good material. I was expecting some rattling, or cheap parts. But you don't get that. Instead, you get a pad that has tight fit sliver back cover with openings for speaker that is covered by a nice steal mesh underneath two slits.

Its got a volume rocker made of plastic on the same side as the camera. Its not loose and exactly to the slit size and slightly elevated from the side. Feels rock solid. My only critique is it would have been better if they used a different color rocker made of metal.

On the bottom its got head phone, usb, HDMI, and Micro SD slots. All of which work and no cheap corner cutting.

Now the camera. The biggest shocker is that the camera seems to take clear pictures! Now were not talking about iPad clear, but were talking about as good as a 5mp camera ( somehow the cam despite it being only 2 ( front as well) takes really good and clear pictures. Meaning There not blurry or terrible.

Operating system ( where they really shine above competition)


Unbelievably bright, clear and sharp colors. Despite it not being a glass. It was the same brightness as my ipad 3. Vibrant color and super sensitive screen. Responds From all corners and everywhere you touch it. How do you know? Place your finger on the very edge of the screen and flip to the next tab. It worked from all corners.

When tablet is held at odd angles, there are no glares and is visible at eye level 180 degree

The pad is lighting fast!! The beauty of Jelly bean on this particular model, is that they've given you the user moderator option. And you can pretty much custom everything.

Go to the settings, then developer option and your in the heart of what makes this pad different that others. Naturally I cranked up Windows animation, transition animations, and adjusted GPU settings and let this bad boy run. Pad took everything I threw at it with out chocking up! however, because you have everything cranked up, it means that it's going to use a lot of theatrics in transitioning and that annoys because I'm pretty impatient when it comes to electronics. I want them to respond fast. But I never felt it freezing or stalling.

When the extra theatrics are turned off, I transitioned from window to window, apps to gadgets and basically everything so fast that my eyes had a hard time adjusting to the new screen and comprehending! For example on the iPad, there's a slight delay and some theatrics, but with this. When there's no theatrics, its FASTER THAN WHAT THE EYES CAN SEE AND MIND COMPREHEND.

It comes equipped with flash player and by simply going to 1- settings 2-Developer options 3- Scroll down to Apps and unchecked the Google Application ( it being checked hides everything from google).

The Play store appeared, and google search appeared. BTW this pad also has VOICE COMMAND! that actually works! and talks backs back. Youtube, Netflix, office products, adobe reader all work great.

Home screen has the little rectangular menu bar with with the icon to adjust brightness, wifi, Bluetooth and download. On the top left is the Google shortcut, but here's the best part. It's not obstructing your view, its in a small font, that clear white and next it is the microphone shortcut.

On the right hand corner is the icon for menu tab(?). Through their you can access APPS AND WIDGETS. the cool part about Apps is that they exhibit a nice smooth 3D motion. Then you can check widgets and you the Pad transition from screen to screen super fast and while offering 3D motions. And if you crank up the graphics, you can transition using fading in and out while zooming in and out and having the screen come up from behind slowly while the screen in the front slowly fades away.

On the Menu bar, it gives you the option to see history tabs and actually erase them as well! you just slide it out and the box underneath moves up! You can also adjust volume, return to home screen or Return to previous screen.

The device doesn't heat up as hot as other devices. And when you lower the brightness, I've gotten about 8-10 hours of usage. Videos brings the numbers down to 6-8.

It's priced exactly at where it should be priced imo. And frankly speaking. I offers a lot with out the cheap feel and makes it very functional.

If I notice anything else I'll post updates. 
Great Tablet for the Price
on 12/26/2012 by Anonymous
I think the volume on the internal speaker is good enough, Display is very good crisp images on games, video and pictures, works very smooth and haven't freeze or lag, play store working perfect as well as the google and amazon apps. It's a great tablet for its price.
Excellent Buy
on 12/28/2012 by JTRIndustries
I just received my Studio 10 had yesterday. Previously I had an IdolPad 10.

The Studio 10 is much brighter and faster than the older IdolPad 10.  The older IdolPad 10 had a single 1.0 GHz processor.  With dual core 1.6 GHz processors the Studio 10 is capable of running three times as fast.  It definitely shows.  The Studio 10 searches the Internet much faster and plays videos more smoothly.

I need the pad for traveling to other countries. Often there is no wireless Internet service in the hotel rooms but there is an ethernet cable. I purchased a USB to RJ45 LAN Ethernet HUB internet Adapter from eBay  (about 16.00 USD shipped).  It works great. Just plug it into the micro USB port via the supplied adapters that come with your Studio 10.  There is no set up. Just insert the ethernet cable in the hub and you can surf the net.  This particular adapter worked fine for me but I'm sure there are others that work as well.  Here's a link if you need it:  If the link expires just search for USB to RJ45 LAN Ethernet HUB internet Adapter.  Be sure it for Android tablets and for Internet.

Before buying this tablet, I went to Best Buy and looked at the variety of tablets on display.  None of the tablets surfed the Internet any faster then the Studio 10.  If the displays were any better, I could not tell. in fact, I was most impressed with the display properties of the Toshiba tablet.  The Studio 10 seems to be on par with the Toshiba. I had planned to buy the ASUS four processor tablet. I'm really glad I did not. It was a lot of extra money with no apparent advantage.

The sound is fairly reasonable considering it is a tablet. The cameras is okay.  I gave the tablet five stars  because of the price advantage. For twice the money you can get exactly the same performance with a slightly better camera.

The Studio 10 is very thin. it has the same look and feel as the brand name tablets.  I didn't consider higher-resolution cameras an advantage because my cell phone already has a good camera and video built in.  I can't imagine taking a 10 inch tablet around town and using it as a pocket camera.

Battery life is excellent. There are three brightness adjustments. I use medium because it is bright enough for most conditions.  It appears to be good for 6 to 8 hours.  I'm sure it will last just as long as the "up to 10 hour" tablets. It depends on how you use it.

Google Play Store is already set installed and works very well.  I believe the tablet is "rooted" which means that you are not restricted to the manufacturers preferred apps.
Best high performance 10 inch tablet at under $300
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
I bought this tablet as soon as it was launched and so glad I did it. It's extremely slip light and screen resolution is awesome! No lagging with performance and comes with 16GB. This one has better specs and performances than Ipad 2 I think. My wife has Ipad2 and it's not this fast. Battery life is very good, lasting about 7 hours and not draining batteries while it's not being used. This is well comparable to Samsung or Apple tablets. I wish they had some case that I can buy to protect the tablet. Metal casing in the back looks good but it gets scratched easily. Got this a lot faster than the estimated delivery dates and tablet was packed with some air bubble inside the box for extra protection in factory shrink wrap. Overall very impressive with even little details. One thing was that I couldn't figure out a way to get to google market since it was hidden at the DEVELOPERS options but I saw the video of their IdolPad plus model and figured it out. Not sure why it's DISABLED?? But it works fine. I downloaded Netflix, Facebook, Youtube and all cool apps. Again, screen resolution is just unbelievably crispy and bright. I love STUDIO!!! I feel like I got such a great deal on this! Highly recommended!
damn nice table
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
 AMAZON Customer
I did my research before buying this tablet. I am not an Apple fan and truly appreciate the Android software so I immediately ruled out the iPad, if not for anything else, as overpriced. When I came across Idolian I was instantly impressed although I had never heard of them before. I was skeptical, but the price was right (less then half the price of the iPad) and the specs were where I wanted them to be (newest Android software, dual cameras, fast processor, large internal memory, expandable RAM, 10" TFT multi-point touchscreen, etc.). When I received it I loved it, with the exception of one major thing. I couldn't get Google Play Store or any Android apps. This baffled me and once I couldn't even see Google Images I was concerned I had made a big mistake. Then I started digging. In a far distant buried setting under Developer Settings (Advanced) I noticed that Google was "turned off". I was surprised by this. If I were a normal uneducated user I would never have found it. Fortunately, I have been in Telecom for over 17 years with a ton of computer skills. So, once I turned on Google, everything was right with the world. I was able to install anything and everything I wanted. So to conclude, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, overjoyed in fact. The graphics are spectacular, the size is phenomenal, the speed is stellar, the memory is awesome, and the software blazing! So I highly recommend this tablet, but warn that you must find the Developer settings and turn Google on before you go banging your head on a wall. :),
Idolian Sutudio Tablet
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
Dee Amazon customer,
So far we are very pleased with the tablet. I gave it to my wife for Christmas and she has been playing with it and getting things loaded all day. So far she is very excited to have it and it is functioning perfectly.
Awsome Tablet
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
Awesome tablet, everything I could want, speed, memory, feature packed and solid construction, priced within my budget. You can't go wrong with this master piece of equipment, it has just as much power as an Ipad at half the cost, I'm am very pleased with this purchase.
far exceeded expectations
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
Simply put, the quality and performance of the Studio 10 (read the details in previous reviews) coupled with the atractive price make the Studio 10 an exceptional tablet.
10" IODOLIAN Studio 10 Tablet
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
Would have given 5 stars but had to work to find out how to turn on Google. Also screen has some imperfections (like an average screen protector had been added by a lay person).
it really good
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
mines didn't come with google play. and it takes a while to stream youtube videos, but that might be a
network problem
other than that its good.
its probably the best in its price range
Sketchy at Best
on 01/05/2013 by Anonymous
- Amazon customer 
Overall this tablet appears to be as robust as any other. It functions well and is comparable to others on the market. For the price this is an excellent way to get your feet wet with this kind of technology.

On the other hand, I have experienced two problems. First, any customization of the home screen will only last a short while. If a new app is installed or any new change is made to the homescreen, various widgets and app icons disappear entirely or stop functioning. Then the widget disappears from the list of installed widgets. I am not sure if this is an issue with the OS or with the tablet, but it is strange to see that various configurations of the homescreen are entirely unstable.

Second issue involves the power jack. The battery life on this thing is not awesome so while trying to configure the tablet out of the box I had the unit plugged in while using it. Bad Idea. Now the power adapter will not charge the tablet unless pressure is placed on it a certain way. While I understand that best practice is to plug the thing in and leave it alone until the cord is removed, I don't consider my use to be excessively rough yet I was able to damage the power jack.

One thing I did not like about this tablet is the speakers being on the back of the unit. If you buy a case it is likely the speakers will be covered and thus muffled.

My suggestion to you, if you purchase this item is to understand the battery life is not top notch. It isn't terrible by any means, but it is not the best in the industry either. With that in mind, when charging the unit, DO NOT proceed to use it. Place it on a table and don't allow the power cord to be jostled in any way. It is an expensive and difficult repair if you damage the power jack, and it is apparently very sensitive.

My last bit of review involves the company itself. Idolian is a small company and so any support you need will be met with huge delays and often no response at all. In addition, there are not many accessories for this unit so be very careful when looking for cases or keyboards or any other peripheral for that matter.

In reality I wished I would have held out longer for a more popular tablet from a known manufacturer. This tablet gets the job done, but there are definitely better ones out there at the same price point.
The best decision I've made in a while
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
 Amazon customer, 
I should probably preface my review with my qualifications. I work in media and technical support at my school so I'm pretty good with kind of stuff. The tablet arrived on time and I charged it for 4 hours before using it like the start up manual says. I noticed some people say they couldn't get it to hold a charge, I actually plugged it in wrong my first time. The prong goes in a little more than half way and stops and you have to push it in all the way until clicks. So far I'm very impressed with it and the specs say it all. My own bench mark for it is this live wallpaper I use called "radiant particles". The tablet could run it with settings at max unlike my (new) phone which could only do low (its not the most intensive test but I was impressed). Browsing speed and the youtube app were about as good as my laptop. I was also able to run several memory intensive apps the the same time with no slow down. It also has great memory. I put my spare 8 gig micro sd card into it and I haven't run into any problems with managing my files between the built in memory and the card using the device's built in file browser. As a side note, the 16 gig internal memory acts like an sd card and the one you plug in will be like a second sd card. You save apps to the tablet's 2 gig internal memory.

I also love the body of the tablet. The back is made out of legitimate, cold hard metal. The screen is great (as expected). I mainly bought this because I wanted something with a large screen for reading webpages, books, big pdfs, power points and other documents for school and this is perfect for it. Though, adobe's PDF viewer is better than the document reader it comes with. I also think the speaker is actually pretty good all things considered. I wasn't expecting bose quality sound because its a 1 cm thick tablet but its pretty loud and clear. Obviously, if you want the best sound you'll need external speakers or headphones but if you don't have those on you the speaker does a good job. The battery life also seems pretty good so far. I only really have to charge once a day right now (not sure how many hours). Some people complained about the battery life being short so it might be worth mentioning that when you get a new product with chargeable battery you have to charge and drain it completely a few times before you'll get the full battery life

I also love how the OS works. You get a lot of options for transition effects in the "developer options" section. I also like how it hasn't been "prettied up" by Idolian which spares a ton of processing power and ram. My personal favorite part is no bloatware! This thing doesn't waste memory with unnecessary apps you can't uninstall (3 different Facebook and Twitter apps, sucky news apps and traffic and garbage apps for social networks no one uses). The standard pre-installed apps like the googles apps (gmail, playstore, etc) the photo and video viewers are actually very good. I love ES file browser but the one that comes pre-installed works better. In addition, the video player can play a great variety of videos types instead of just mp4 and avi.

I did have one weird problem. After I set the google apps to "unhide" Google Chrome didn't show up in my app drawer. It was installed and I could use if I accessed it through a widget or the PlayStore but I couldn't make a shortcut for it. In case anyone else has this problem, I fixed it with another app. I used ES file browser's built in app manager (found on the PlayStore) and selected "Chrome" and hit "shortcut"

Overall, I'm glad I found this and I hope to buy from Idolian again in the future. I'm so happy I didn't waste money on a crappy tablet from coby at the same price or spend twice as much for a nexus or kindle with half the size and half the memory
great for price,
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
 Amazon customer,
Bought it as a present for my husband BD. Spent some time to install google play apps, only because the user manual is confusing. I followed the instructions and tried to install through SD card. Did not work. It works when you enable "allow installation of apps from unknown sources" in security settings, then you can download it from Like the picture quality, fast internet, good sound, works great with key board.
Idolian studio 10
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
 Amazon customer,
I had the tablet for 3 days and I love it, I am not that familiar with android but so far I downloaded Netflix,couple of video games and of course music.

I would definitely recommend this tablet, very quick and battery life is avg 5hrs.
problems with wifi reception and sd card management,
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
My unit was unable to connect with my phone's hotspot. I am returning it.

File management for the sd card was unreliable so files could not always be copied or deleted.

I liked the design and features very much and am considering reordering it 
Great unit for price
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
 -Amazon customer
I just purchased the Studio 10 for my father and boy am I impressed. The unit is thin, light, responsive, and has a nice screen. Having a slot for SD card is a nice feature. Google play being turned off is a little goofy but thanks to the reviews here I knew to turn it on. The power transformer looks a little cheesy and I would have liked to have seen a microusb instead. For the price and features you can't go wrong.
Promising Start- Disappointing ending
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
Summer's Mom- Amazon customer,
Started off very impressive- met or exceeded the ipad 1 and 3! By day 6...freezing/locking up/ factory resest every few hours. No response from Idolian "customer Service" and og course, no forums for unknown brand. When flash videos quit playing and FB/Words quit loading, I'm done. Bright side? Thus far, return process has been hassle-free. I'll ship it off tomorrow, and see how long it takes to get the dinero returned!
Awesome deal
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
-Amazon customer
Tablet is super fast, lightweight and issues so far, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The power jack input and power cord connection could be more robust (it's very small and somewhat delicate) but that would be my only concern. I would recommend this 10-in. tablet to anyone.
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
-Amazon customer,
I bought this from Idolian website and wanted to let everyone know how to enable the Google play store. Not sure what the purpose is but google play store is kind of hidden in the setting menu.
SETTING scroll down to DEVELOPER OPTION and scroll to see GOOGLE APPLICATION check or uncheck the box. When you go back to home screen and application page, Google apps will show up.
Overall this Studio 10 is really great performances and screen resolution is amazing. I've bought other tablets before but this is best so far for it's price. Everyone I show Studio 10 to love this and surprised how I got it for less than $300. Make sure to get the cover for this, it works great and protects from all the scratches for the metail back.
Now I see Idolian got the MINI STUDIO 8 inch model and I'm buying two of those for my kids. You will love it!
Better Than the iPad!,
on 01/28/2013 by Anonymous
-Amazon Customer
I bought this tablet for my girlfriend for Christmas and it works like a dream! We haven't had any problems with it. My little sisters got the iPads for Christmas and we tested these side by side. While the iPad is a little bit brighter and has a slightly sharper image, that is all it has going for it when compared to this dream of a tablet!
Broken Tablet & Unresponsive Support Team
on 09/23/2013 by laurendebarr
My tablet has been broken for 3 weeks and I have sent 4 emails to the "support" team who has responded to 2 of the 4 emails and has yet to create an RMA so that I may return the tablet to be fixed. It is stuck on the opening idolian white screen and I have tried a factory reset, which does not work. I am finding the extended 2 year warranty that I purchased entirely useless as they are unwilling to help me fix this faulty tablet! My advice... Do not buy!!!!
The Idolian studio office is the ideal solution for the busy individual on the go. The convenient key case allows you to easily slot your tablet into the keyboard, giving you the ability to work wherever you are, whenever you want. Streamlined and lightweight with a 10.1” high resolution screen, the Idolian studio office is the perfect portable professional companion, allowing you to maximize your work output and stay connected to your office and staff, whether you are at home or out and about. 

Take project specs and reports directly to your clients, wherever they may be, with the easy-to-use, wire-free, cordless Idolian studio office. The studio features a storage capacity of 8GB that is expandable up to 32GB with the simple addition of a microSD card, an indispensable feature unique to the Idolian studio office. With a long battery life of up to seven hours, and a powerful 1.6GHz dual-core processor, the studio office is the ideal choice for today’s busy professional.

These days, it is next to impossible to work, play, or even communicate without access to the internet.  The Idolian studio office gives users the capacity to easily browse the internet, whether it is for research, entertainment, or simply keeping up with friends and family. Play your favorite games, stream your favorite shows, and watch your favorite movies, no matter where you are.  Entertain your kids on a long journey or keep up with your local news while you are out of town – the possibilities in terms of connectivity, entertainment, and professional productivity are endless. You can even convert your studio into a state-of-the-art home theater system, by connecting it to your TV by means of the mini HDMI outlet, a feature that is unique to the Idolian studio office.

Stay connected with friends and family through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, all easily accessible on the versatile and powerful Idolian studio office. Use the dual front and rear cameras, standard on all our studio products, to record and share every joyous and memorable event in your life.  You can save the files on your studio or take them with you using the microSD card.

Wherever your busy life takes you, you can rely on the Idolian Studio Office to keep you connected to work, family, and friends at all times. Get yours today and live your increasingly mobile life on your own terms.



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