About Us

We are Idolian,

A company located in sunny, Southern California, our aim is to deliver the best prices and products; So we sell directly to the customer. We're constantly developing new, affordable tablets with the latest technology. It's very important to us to provide support, even after sales. We'll help you set up your new tablet, walk you through any issues, and keep you updated with the newest firmwares.

Thank you for choosing Idolian.

Corporate Profile
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Newport Beach, CA Idolian.com is a supplier of tablets and tablet accessories.  We're constantly looking to expand into both retail and ecommerce markets.  We strive to become a leader in value driven tablet PC market in the world.  

Idolian Mobile Inc.

4100 Newport Place Drive, Ste 480

Newport Beach, CA 92660



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